Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

A Story in Progress original

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A Story in Progress originalWatch: Citizens of the Great Barrier ReefDocumentary Film  /   15 mins  /  March 2021

A new film by Story in Progress follows the work of a team of scientists, explorers and conservationists as they join forces on an ocean adventure to survey the effects of climate change on one of the most remote and rarely visited regions of the Great Barrier Reef. Calling for immediate global action, their work offers hope that our coral reefs can be rescued and protected for generations to come.

  • Production Company Story in Progress
  • Director Tom Abood
  • Producers Sam Boynton & Tom Abood
  • Executive Producer Andy Ridley
  • Associate Producer Kate O’Callaghan
  • Production Co-Ordinator Jasmina Uusitalo
  • Director of Photography Dave May
  • Underwater Camera Operators Dave May, Johnny Gaskell
  • Additional Archive Supplied by Christian Miller, David Hannan
  • Colourist Tim Wreyford
  • Titles Design James Booth
  • Audio Engineer Audrey Houssard
  • Music DJ Koze
  • Additional Music Courtesy of Universal