We are all citizens

We all have a responsibility to protect our most vulnerable natural treasures.

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Don’t give up on our reef

The story that our reef is no longer salvageable is not true. The threats are real and immediate, but if we respond now with action not apathy, there’s hope.

What’s at stake
Andy Ridley
The actions of people across the planet will define the future of the Great Barrier Reef.
Andy Ridley, Founder Earth Hour & CEO Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

The reef’s greatest threats

The Great Barrier Reef is the first natural wonder to show the visible effects of climate change, the greatest threat to its future. The additional pressures of poor water quality, marine waste, and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks mean the Reef is more vulnerable now than ever before.

Everything endangering the reef

Building a global community

We need to engage citizens from around the world; empowering them to make the change that needs to happen. From local community education to large-scale initiatives with global partners; every action has impact.

Our plan of attack

Rebuilding the reef

Help us get to 5000 Citizens! Encourage others to get involved, including family, friends, colleagues and local government. The more citizens, the more chance the Reef has.

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  • Change on a global scale

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